Project Description

AgeCare operates 11 assisted living centers across Canada, offering retirement living, long-term living, dementia & memory care, and supportive & temporary living and respite care. As an organization of over 2000 employees managing content across locations and departments while ensuring quality care is no easy task. AgeCare approached Sidekick to help craft a business case for them to fully understand how digital content management and collaboration could work within their organization.

Sidekick, having deep experience with, a leading enterprise content collaboration solution, was able to assess their current solution, work with the leadership groups and IT steering committee and help define a path forward in the digital journey.

Quick Assessment

To create an accurate business case for a new enterprise software, it’s essential for incoming (foreign) consultants to gain a sense of the application landscape as quickly as possible. Over a span of days, Sidekick interviewed operational stakeholders to learn the landscape, the behaviours and culture and fully understand desires going forward.

Human Design Thinking Process
User Centric IT

Each Business Unique

Understanding the assisted living space was essential to determining how to best approach service the digital collaboration solution required for AgeCare. Following user-centric IT philosophy, and understanding the internal limitations of the IT resources, Sidekick was able to best understand the unique attributes of the business.

Sidekick took that information into account and designed a simple-to-use and easy-to-administer solution, leveraging, to support the business. Sidekick then went further and modelled licensing costs, the cost-per-employee, and the internal costs associated to migrating to a cloud solution. This solution was co-created with the CIO and presented to the IT steering committee.

Collaboration requires breaking silo’s

As content collaboration engages more than one set of people, Sidekick provided additional business value by including strategic assistance for harnessing the potential of existing solutions to increase productivity within the organization. This framework became pivotal to future projects at AgeCare as they touched other departments, like Learning Services, that rely on standardization, learning and content on a daily basis.

Realigned services


This brief assessment and business case engagement resulted in AgeCare completing their purchase of enterprise content collaboration software, fully understanding the change impacts on the business, the costs, the synergies and path forward to transform their business digitally.

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